Am I A Health Coach That’s Off My Rocker?

Do My Stories of Miraculous Healing Sound Like I’m Nuts Or Inspire You?

Health Coach Heals HandThe only reason I do health coaching is because these seemingly miraculous things happen so often. But I don’t really believe they are miraculous anymore. I have come to believe that this is what is available to any one of us.

I will say that it took a bit to get here because we are not taught that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. But I’ve seen over and over again that if we give them half a chance, they do.

As a side note, I just saw an expose that showed results from cancer studies from decades ago. They said what many people and ethical doctors are suspecting these days.

Chemo doesn’t heal cancer. It simply destroys the symptoms for a short time, the daughter cells, along with the immune system. It doesn’t even touch the cancer stem cells that just reproduce. But the patient is told that the cancer is back. In reality, it never went away.

The studies showed that only 2% of patients are helped by cancer and that 25% of them would have healed if they didn’t receive the cancer causing chemo. That makes me angry because I truly believe that it was the chemo that killed my sister in 2011.

But I digress so back to another of my miraculous healings.

I was in a hurry one day and getting dressed. I was putting on a long-sleeved shirt and as I threw my hand into the sleeve and swung into the shirt on the go, I brought my hand down on the corner of my dresser.

Man-oh-man did it hurt. I hit a vein on the back of my hand and immediately saw it start turning black and blue.

But that is where I do something that’s quite different than most people.

I stopped immediately and started creating the energy of Love, a feeling in my heart, as I visualized White Light, healing Light flowing into my hand. I imagined it as perfect and saw the normal color coming back to it. I did that a few minutes, and then got out a tube of Arnica Gel. That helps me psychologically because I also tell myself that is all I need to heal it quickly. I visualize Light penetrating the gel and shifting it into the perfect solution my body needs to heal quickly.

Then I just went on my way after creating the intention that it was healing and going back to normal. Then I literally watched it go back to normal within the hour. And that is why I am so passionate about our abilities to self heal. That is why I work as a life coach and do healing work and teach others how to use their mind power and emotional power to heal and manifest desires.

The more theses things happen, the more they strengthen my faith in what I already believe. And that is without doubt that we are meant to self-heal.