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One Session Blueprint, TFS Strategy Coaching Call With An Energy Healing Session

I Need A Life CoachCreating a plan eliminates confusion and carries you to success with anything you’d like to accomplish.

Are you as shocked as I was to hear this one?

The late, great Chet Holmes used to refer to a study that made an impression I’ve never forgotten. He wanted to show that planning is important for EVERYTHING.

The studies involved housecleaning! One group followed a clear plan that had been laid out. They knew what to do and they did it. The other group went in and started working on the job of cleaning the house. Those with the plan were much more efficient, effective and got the job done hours quicker. Less time needed to clean a house? I’ll take that.

Do you like saving time too?

I learned a valuable lesson and since then I have saved a lot of time by first creating some sort of strategy plan or blueprint so I have a clear path to follow. When you can visually see it, that helps you stay focused on where you are going and gets you there much faster.

Do you like straight talk?

Your brain and heart are powerful reality makers. They are your team mates in the manifesting process.  You have to work with them. What goes on within them affects you. I show that in plenty of real life examples in my free White Light Method Pkg, WLM Tips, eBook, webinars, posts, audios and videos.

Do you wonder why your life feels like it does in certain area? Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.  They give you strong clues and can lead you to the programming that keeps you going in circles in a life you’d like to leave behind.

Breaking free can be pretty easy. But you have to decide you’re going to and stick to the plan. Do simple things that we will lay out during your strategy session and you will become a manifesting master.

I get the results I do because I know exactly what to do with any situation that comes up from sickness and injuries to problems that need solutions.

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There is a lot of hype online and people make ridiculous claims about how easy things are when they’re really not. I like to be realistic and boil things down to a simple form. But within simplicity you have to have a system that also acknowledges that your past experiences can have powerful emotions attached to them that draw you backwards. Keep things as simple as possible but also be realistic so that you really can accomplish what you have in mind.

When you have a strategy with a formula that allows you to know exactly where things are and what to do to move beyond that spot, it is truly empowering.

Having a personal life coach to help you stay on track and support you isn’t practical for many people. But having a clear plan is practical and the next best thing.

That is why I have created blueprint coaching call so you can truly get the vision of where you are, where you are going and know what to do when things side track you. For a limited time and number, I’m offering a special single coaching call for only $147 so you can get your personalized plan on paper, know how to use it and have an energy healing session to help you shift your energy into healing and manifesting mode.

Grab a spot if you’re interested because it may not last long. This is an opportunity to get a lot of information in a power packed session that’s tailored to you. It will narrow things down to exactly what you need to do to step up your personal power and use it effectively.

We will go over the blueprint, define the best tools and processes for you and create your strategy for applying them. We will end with a vibrational healing and manifesting session to help you get a strong momentum going. You can get a thorough understanding of how to apply tools and techniques to your unique situation, get your questions answered and go away with your own personal plan and “what’s next” steps.

This is also a good way to test the waters and see what it is like to work with me if you’re thinking about monthly life coaching, performance coaching, health coaching or law of attraction coaching. But this is a single call designed to send you away with all you need to make real progress.

After you order, you’ll be taken to my calendar to schedule your session. I vary the hours on different days and generally have openings during the hours of 9AM – 9PM (Same time as Chicago Il, USA on the World Time Clock) and limited hours on some Saturdays.

Questions about the Blueprint Strategy Session? See FAQs and submit questions here.

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